In 1994 Baron János Gudenus, Baron Ferenc Apor, and father Ottmár Faddy established the Historical Families of the Holy Crown Youth Club (Történelmi Családok Szent Korona Ifjúsági Klubja).

The goal of the club was to create a meeting place for the noble youth whom were scattered to various regions therefore lost their personal connections due to the vicissitudes of the past decades. The club was located in the 2-nd district, Fekete Sas-street, where the youth could get-together and learn more about their families and historical backround.

The succes of this initiative resulted in regularily organized gatherings and excursions, life-long friendships and marriages were made.

As time passed more musical, historical, cultural, and cultural-history related programs were organized.

The Association was registered as Association of Hungarian Historical Families (in Hungarian: Magyar Történelmi Családok Egyesülete) (MTCSE) In August of 1995.

The main purpose of the Association is to cultivate the traditions and spiritual legacies of Hungarian historical families helping to protect their contemporary interests, preserving Christian and other noble values for future generations to come while encouraging solidarity for Hungarians living within the borders of historical Hungary.

During this time period MTCSE and Castellum Foundation in Transylvania formed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement and enjoy good relations.

After 20 years in 2014 the founding president Count János Nyáry retired and the General Congregation elected a new Board. Which consisting of president Baron Lóránt Riedel, György Csornay, Zsolt Némethy and Albert Sigmond welcomed new programs providing ground for the establishment of the Youth Section of the Association.

As a result of the election in 2017 the majority of the new Board consisted of members from the former “Fekete Sas street” club, Baron Rudolf Loránd Riedel, Géza Arday, Miklós Kubinyi, Imre Páll, and Baron Tamás Tunkel. The same year the Board changed again, its members were: Baron Loránd Rudolf Riedel as president, Baron Tamás Bánffy, Count Sándor Teleki, Baron Tamás Tunkel, Count Pál Zichy.

Before the election of officials in 2020 Baron Tamás Bánffy indicated that he could not keep his position hence Ferenc Hegedüs was elected instead of him; the former other members of the Board was reelected. Count Pál Zichy became the new president.

The presidency considers it important to emphasize the non profit nature of the association, to provide future generations tradition and moral virtue, while focusing on communicating social-centered pure noble values towards general audiences.

Our cultural programs includes strengthening hungarian identity aswell as endorsing protection and cultivation of the mother tongue for hungarians living abroad.

It is important to emphasize that our association does not in any way intend to become a self-centered “traditional” group parading in historical costumes.

With the financial support of our association in Bencúrfalva, the Szent Antal Stations Of The Cross, built between 2015 and 2016, was offered for the families who suffered a great deal for Hungary.

In October 2017 the “Park of the Nobles” (Nemesek Ligete) within the gardens of the Inkey Castle of Kecskemét was established, 36 trees were planted, representing 36 significant noble families regarding Hungarian history.

Every year in October, cooperating with the Buda Civic Casino (Budai Polgári Casinó) we organize the Petneházy Ball where we observe the Recapture of the Buda Castle, honoring the heroes of the historical event.

Every Christmas we raise funds for families encountering financial problems and difficulties.

On the first Sunday of each year, our association attends a thanksgiving mass held in St. Stephen’s Basilica, celebrating the the formal return of the Holy Crown from the United States.

Furthermore, our association commemorates major Hungarian historical events by laying wreaths and also promotes events for special occasions.

We also organize public cultural programs every two weeks, with public speakers performing lectures.



A member of our association may be a descendant of any certified noble family in Hungary (one must prove to be a direct patrilinear descendant), and the spouse of this person.

We recommend each candidate who would be interrested in joining our associacion this thorough and comprehensive book as reference: József Gerő: ” A m. kir. belügyminiszter által igazolt nemesek 1867–1937 “, which is no longer protected by copyright law. The book lists the noble families of Hungary and describes the emergence of the nobility with all its features, it also describes the methods of verifying nobility, contains noble prefixes and coat of arms (from page 20, see transcript file in menu “Csatlakozás”) which were once applied by the Ministry of Interior.